BABY GODIVA by Marty Holland

To Kill a Mockingbird meets Lolita
"Adam and Eve was naked in the Garden' a Eden" her voice purred, "bein' naked ain't no sin." Here we have Godiva Beamer, a sexually mature, emotionally challenged 14-year old daughter of abusive father Reverend Elijah Beamer. The setting is Fork River, Louisiana in the 1950's, where Godiva befriends Carly Moore, an 18-year old farm boy who lives with his drunken stepfather. Accused of brutally assaulting Godiva, Carly is arrested. The story moves from the young couple's strange relationship to the courtroom and beyond. Baby Godiva is about race and class as it manifests itself through the legal system, prison, capital punishment and the attitudes of the era. Delving not only into the lives of Godiva and Carly, but into the wife and mistress of the judge that is trying the case.
About the author Marty Holland:  Born in Beaverdam, Ohio, Marty began writing at the age of 12.  After moving to Hollywood with her family, she landed a job as a script typist for the movie studios. Marty's own work was soon recognized by movie mogul Otto Preminger, who snapped up her novel, Fallen Angel and made a major motion picture starring Linda Darnell and Dana Andrews.
Known for her dark hard-boiled writing, Marty achieved cinematic success again with The File on Thelma Jordan, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Wendell Corey.  Her other works include the renowned noir novel, The Glass Heart (screenplay by James M. Cain). 



1919 - 1971 Film-Noir Novelist

Marty Holland's 
Baby Godiva

  • Racism
  • Love & Lust
  • 14-year-old Femme-Fatale
  • A Brutal Crime
  • The Trial 

A dark journey of innocence lost.

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